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Card Advantages

  • No Waiting Period
  • No Deductable
  • No Membership Fees
  • Free Discount Card
  • Accepted Nationwide
  • Everyone Qualifies
  • No Forms to fill out
  • No medical examinations needed
  • Covers entire family and pets



Q.           What is the My Free Savings Card”?

A.            My Free Savings Card provides cardholders with savings discounts off the retail price on
FDA approved prescription medications for themselves and their pets.


Q.           How much are the discounts/savings?

A.            My Free Savings Card can save you up to 75% off the retail price on brand and generic prescription medications costing over $4.00.  Based on the current usage, the average savings off
the retail price for customers is 53%.


Q.           Who can use the My Free Savings Card drug savings card?

A.            Anyone! The My Free Savings Card can be used by individuals with no prescription insurance, pre-existing conditions your current insurance does not cover, health savings accounts (HSA’s) that have high deductibles, prescription medications that cost less than your current health insurance co- pay and individuals with high deductible insurance plans. “My Free Savings Card” can also save you money on certain medications your current insurance coverage does not cover.  


Q.           How much does the “My Free Savings Card” program cost?

A.            “My Free Savings Card” is FREE with no enrollment fees or forms to fill out, no age restrictions, no waiting period, no medical exams and is accepted nationwide.  Just
about everyone can save with our card!


Q.           How many pharmacies accept the My Free Savings Card?

A.            Over 60,000 participating pharmacies accept the “My Free Savings Card” in the United States and Puerto Rico including all major pharmacies and most independent ones.  Check the ‘Pharmacy Locator’ on our website to locate a pharmacy near you.  More than likely, your pharmacy is participating.


Q.           Can I use “My Free Savings Card” for prescription medications for my pets and animals?

A.            Yes, in a lot of cases, if they are FDA approved (NDC coded) human drugs that are approved.  You must purchase your pet prescriptions at a participating pharmacy. Ask your veterinarian if your
pet’s medication is a human drug and ask for a prescription to take to your local pharmacy.


Q.           What medications are covered under the “My Free Savings Card” program?

A.            Nearly all FDA approved prescription medications (NDC coded) are covered including brand name and generic drugs.  This includes many ‘over the counter’ (OTC) medication and drugs that are NDC coded.


Q.           What is a National Drug Code (NDC)?

A.            Drug products are identified and reported using a unique, three segment number (NDC) which is a universal product identifier for human drugs in the United States. A drug must have a NDC Code to qualify for the My Free Savings Cards.


Q.           What’s the catch? This seems too good to be true!

A.            There is no catch. “My Free Savings Card” has simply partnered up with a 25-year-old “pharmacy insider” company which has created a drug discount program with a network of over 60,000 participating pharmacies. The program is designed to help people save money on medications for themselves and their pets if they have no insurance or restricted insurance.


Q.          What happens if the pharmacist tells me there is no discount on my prescription or ‘over the
counter’ medication?

A.           Pharmacies have different policies and procedures for prescription drugs and some ‘over the
counter’ medications with an NDC code.  Not all ‘over the counter’ medications are covered.
Rarely a discount is not available on a prescription drug when using the My Free Savings Card.
If this happens, the pharmacy may not be a participating pharmacy.  You can check around to see
if other pharmacies in your area offer the discount.  There are over 60,000 participating
pharmacies that honor the My Free Savings Card discounts. For ‘over the counter” medications
with a NDC code, some pharmacies might require a prescription written by a doctor before they
will honor the discount. Customer service is available to answer your questions or assist you with
any problems when using the My Free Savings Card. The toll free Customer Service number
is: 1-877-823-1273.


Q.           How do I determine my prescription medication pricing?

A.            Use the ‘Drug Pricing Tool’ on our website.  Click the Drug Pricing Tab and enter your medication, dosage and quantity.  Prices may vary slightly between pharmacies.


Q.           Can my family, dependents, grandchildren, friends and others take advantage of the card’s benefits?

A.            YES!  You can use one card for the entire family or print additional cards from our website.  You
may use the card as often as necessary.  There are NO usage limitations and NO expiration dates.  Remember to tell your friends, co-workers and anyone you know about the “My Free
Savings Card
” so they can start to enjoy the same savings benefits for themselves and their pets.


Q.           How does the “My Free Savings Card” work?

A.            “My Free Savings Card” contains unique codes which the pharmacist enters into a computer
system.  Please note: The Member ID # or Recipient ID # is your (customer)  telephone number
with area code. The pharmacy must enter this number into their computer system to fill your prescription.
The cost of your prescription is then discounted based on the pharmacy’s agreement with our company.  You save money immediately at checkout and on all future medications when you use the “My Free Savings Card”.


Q.           Can a health insurance prescription card be used at the same time with the “My Free Savings Card”?

A.            No, only one card can be used when filling a prescription.   Use your “My Free Savings

                         * if you have no prescription drug coverage,

                         * if your insurance doesn’t cover certain medications,

                         * if your medication is less than your insurance co-pay,

                         * if you are enrolled in a health saving plan (HSA’s) with a very high deductible or

                         * if you have a high deductable on your insurance plan.

               Remember, if you are a participant of Medicare D and you have a “donut hole” in your coverage
and you may have to pay up to $1,500 or higher per year out-of-pocket, “My Free Savings Card”
can be the answer to saving you money on your prescription drugs every time you use our card.


Q.           Is the “My Free Savings Card” an insurance card or insurance program?

A.            NO. “My Free Savings Card “is not an insurance card or insurance program. It is not intended to replace your insurance. It is a discount prescription savings card that can save you MONEY!

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